Broken Phone

Stay In Touch With 0800PHONEHOME

Your contacts when you need them most

What happens if you're out and you lose your phone, it breaks or your battery dies? Do you know your family or friends' numbers off by heart? 0800PHONEHOME does.

Proud to be protecting 2,352 users and counting as of 24th September 2023.

"I was travelling back from London, my battery had died and my train was delayed. I needed to phone my partner to let them know. 0800PHONEHOME to the rescue – my partner didn’t panic I wasn’t at the station and I got my lift home. Brilliant service!"

L. Jenkins, Birmingham via

3 Simple Steps

Signing up and getting our protection in place is simple, and using our service is as simple as one, two, three.

1. Something Bad Happens

Your phone is lost, broken or dead.

2. Use Any UK Phone For Free

Just dial 0800PHONEHOME.

3. Access & Call Your Contacts

You don't need to remember their number.

Pricing & Plans

0800PHONEHOME is a low cost way to protect yourself, and your family, if your phone runs out of battery, gets broken, or lost.

Single Account

99p per month

supports 1 user

If it's just you this is the one to go for. Never get caught out again when you're phone is out of service. You get up to 5 top contacts stored for when you need them.

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Family Account

£1.99 per month

supports up to 4 users

If you've got a family you want to protect, this is the most cost effective way. You get up to 5 top contacts stored per user for when you need them.

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Access and call your top contacts from any phone in the UK.

Once you've signed up, you simply dial 0800PHONEHOME from any phone in the UK, type in your mobile number and PIN and call any of your top contacts, directly, no fuss!

As it's an 0800 number you can use any phone in the UK. Perhaps a friend's phone (it won't cost them a penny), or even a phone box and you won't need any spare change.

Who Benefits?

Everyone benefits from being able to stay in touch



Love to socialise? We don't blame you. No matter the time or the place, with 0800PHONEHOME you can be safe in the knowledge that if your phone is lost, or runs out of charge, you can always get in touch with your friends and family.



Are you worried a family member, perhaps your teenager or partner, might lose their phone and not be able to contact you? Our 0800PHONEHOME family plan will ensure all of your family members can contact you from any phone in the UK.



Ever been in a situation where you are running late? Your phone died? You need to call your boss or your team ASAP but don't remember their numbers? With 0800PHONEHOME you can call them from any phone in the UK.

Ready to stay in touch, no matter what?

Sign up today from as little as 99p per month and be prepared if the worst was to happen.